Plant Descriptions

Lomandra Hystrix

Commonly known as green mat-rush or creek mat-rush, is a perennial, rhizomatous herd found throughout eastern Australia.

Lomandra longifolia

Commonly known as spiny-head mat-rush, is a perennial, rhizomatous herb found throughout eastern Australia.

Carex appressa

Tall sedge, this is an ideal plant for constructed wetlands, rain gardens and general revegetation of riparian zones along creeks and rivers.

Ficinia nodosa

An ideal plant for coastal landscaping as it can take full exposure to ocean winds. It makes a great contrast plant for other grasses.

Juncus usitatus

An upright sedge with a tussock habit that makes a good accent plant. It has green cylindrical foliage, with tons of copper during the winter months.

Baumea articulata

Is a truly aquatic species, growing in standing water up to 1m deep, in wet black waterlogged sand.

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