Bokarina Beach; Dune Crossing and Wetland

Project Name: Dune Crossing and Wetland

Location: Bokarina Beach, QLD

Client: Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Date of completion: August 2019

Number of plants supplied: 880

Project Details:

Tubestock Nursery has supplied specially selected native tubes and mature tree stock to the Bokarina Beach Dune Crossing and wetland project. All of the plant stock has been grown specifically adhering to the outlined Pre-grow contract developed with the Environmental Conservation Specialist.

Dune Crossing:

The Dune Crossing is a 182m long footpath, designed to allow beach access for residents Surf Life Saving Qld and emergency services. Connecting to the Coastal Pathway at Bokarina Beach. The Dune Crossing sits within a green sea turtle nesting habitat and has extensive cultural heritage connections with the local Kabi Kabi.

Across the site, fast growing plant species were selected to minimise the time sand dunes were exposed, limiting the potential of erosion and sediment issues to arise during construction. The long-term goal of the site is to return the crossing component to the original Regional Ecosystem classification.


The rehabilitation buffer zone alongside the existing and expanded wallum wetland is a federally protected zone. Expansion of the wetland was undertaken by the Environmental Conservation Specialist translocating ‘biscuits’ of habitat from areas of the site impacted by construction. These biscuits were added to the existing wetland, expanding the size of the habitat.

Species of plants supplied by Tubestock:

Tree stock:

· Cupaniopsis anacardioides (25Ltr)

· Casuarina equisetifolia (25Ltr)


· Ficinia nodosa

· Crinum pedunculatum

· Banksia integrifolia

· Imperata cylindrica

· Dodonea triquetra

· Cupaniopsis anacardiodes

· Lomandra hystrix

· Lomandra longifolia