Tubestock Nursery Australia is a Queensland wholesale nursery and is managed by a team of qualified horticultural experts. With experience across the Nursery, Revegetation and Landscape Construction industries, the team produces high quality traditional nursery lines, exotics and specialises in native Australian tube stock.
About Our

The nursery site is 8 hectares and is based in Bellmere, Caboolture. Tubestock produces a wide range of plant species and allocates them based off their unique grow requirements to the ideal growing environment. Facilities include a propagation house, igloos, shade house and plenty of space to harden plant stock in the south-east Queensland environment, in accordance with requirements for each species hardiness.

The team is assisted by a number of automated seeding and potting machines and conduct scheduled seed collections. Annual seed collections, cover diverse regions and EVC’s depending on the requirements of the client and/or project. The team’s collection methods follow industry best practice guidelines under the respective state issued permits and the climate-controlled seedbank contains several thousand seed lots from a wide range of areas along the east coast of Australia.

Tubestock produces stock for Australian east-coast Landscape Contractors, Revegetation Contractors, and other Nurseries, ensuring the quality of plant the goes into projects will thrive in their respective environment.

Commitment to Quality
Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies have been developed by Tubestock Nursery Australia, to ensure our clients receive the highest standards across the three areas. For more information download our policies below: