Aura Estate; WSUD Infrastructure

Project Name: Aura WSUD infrastructure

Location: Aura Estate, Caloundra QLD

Client: Stockland Developments

Date of Completion: on going works

Number of plants supplied: over 1 million

Project Details:

Aura Estate is the new master-planned community located at Caloundra QLD. This community has been purposefully designed to pay respect to its unique natural setting. One of the objectives outlined in the design proposal was, the protection of the water quality and ecological values of the Pumicestone Passage.

The development showcases an intricate system of bioretention basins and the implementation of the world-leading, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) initiatives. WSUD’s are an integrated water cycle system. The system factors in the elements of stormwater, groundwater, wastewater and water supply, and the transfers this information into urban design to minimise environmental degradation.

The large garden beds are designed to act as filters, collecting stormwater pollution. Utilising specifically selected plants and different layers of soil, the WSUD beds are able to absorb and filter stormwater and litter. Thus, maintaining the water quality of Bells Creeks, Lamerough Creek and the Pumicestone Passage.

Tubestock Nursery has supplied over a million specially selected native plant stock to the Landscape Contractor since 2019. All of the stock has been grown specifically adhering to the outlined Pre-grow contract developed with the Landscape Contractor and Landscape Architect. As this is an ongoing development, there is still Pre-grow contracts in place for future WSUD construction. To date, Tubestock Nursery has supplied plant stock that has been installed into 5 WSUD systems and countless bioretention basins with in Aura Estate.

Species of plants supplied by Tubestock Nursery


· Baumea articulata

· Bacopa monnieri

· Baumea rubiginosa

· Baloskion pallens

· Bolboschoenus fluviatilis

· Carex appressa

· Cladium procerum

· Chorizandra cymbaria

· Chorizandra sphaerocephala

· Eleochairs dulcis

· Ficnia nodosa

· Gahnia aspera

· Gahnia sieberiana

· Goodenia prostrata

· Imperata cylindrica

· Juncus Usitatus

· Lepironia articulata

· Leersia hexandra

· Lomandra hystrix

· Lomandra longifolia

· Ludwigia peploides

· marsilea mutica

· Nymphaea gigantea

· Nymphoides indica

· Philydrum lanuginosum

· Schoenoplectus subulatus (littoralis)

· Triglochin perocerum

· Vallisneria australis

Trees and Shrubs:

· Banksia aemula/ or spinulosa

· Banksia robur

· Hibbertia scandens

· Leptospermum liversidgei

· Leucopogon leptospemoides

· Leucopogon pimeleoides

· Lophostemon suaveolens

· Melaleuca Nodosa

· Melastroma malab athricum

· Melaleuca quinqueenervia

· Melaleuca quinqueenervia "mini quini"

· Melaleuca seriberi

· Melaleuca pachyphylla

· Myoporum acuminatum

· Melaleuca thymifolia

· Persoonia Virgata