Rothwell; Nathan Road Wetland

Project Name: Nathan Road Wetland

Location: Rothwell, QLD

Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Date of completion: June 2020

Number of plants supplied: 144, 745 plants

Project Details:

Tubestock Nursery Australia was contracted to supply 144,745 plants to the Nathan Road Wetland project developed by Moreton Bay Regional Council. All of the plant stock has been grown specifically adhering to the outlined Pre-grow contract developed with the Environmental Conservation Specialist and the client.

Nathan Road Wetlands in Rothwell was purchased by MBRC for conservation, research, education and ecotourism. The wetland adjoins the Moreton Bay Ramsar-listed wetlands of international significance and the terrestrial vegetation is an important part of the wetland and coastal assemblage. This area is also home to koalas, greater gliders, grey-headed flying foxes, wetland birds and native orchids. The Nathan Road Wetland Reserve is classed as a hotspot for birds in South East Queensland. To date 205 species of birds have been observed utilising the reserve, including waterbirds such as Latham's Snipe and the Painted Snipe.

Species of plants supplied by Tubestock:


· Corymbia tessellaris

· Corymbia intermedia

· Cupaniopsis anacardioides

· Eucalyptus tereticornis

· Elaeocarpus reticulatus

· Eucalyptus racemose

· Eucalyptus propinqua

· Eucalyptus siderophloia

· Eucalyptus robusta

· Lophostemon suaveolen

· Lophostemon confertus

· Melaleuca quinquenervia

· Macaranga tanarius

· Casuarina glauca

· Hibiscus tiliaceus

· Banksia integrifolia


· Alphitonia excelsa

· Acacia concurrens

· Acacia fimbriata

· Banksia robur

· Banksia oblongifolia

· Dodonaea triquetra

· Enchylaena tomentosa

· Hovea acutifolia

· Leptospermum poly. Cardwell

· Melia azedarach

· Myoporum acuminatum

· Melaleuca Captain Cook

· Melaleuca salignus

· Syzygium Baby Boomer

· Syzygium Resilience

· Syzygium Elite

· Syzygium Hinterland Gold


· Austromyrtus dulcis

· Baumea rubiginosa

· Cymbopogon refractus

· Dianella caerulea

· Fimbristylis ferruginea

· Gahnia sieberiana

· Lomandra longifolia

· Sesuvium portulacastrum

· Sporobulus virginicus

· Sueada australis

· Tetragonia tetragonioides

· Lomandra Shara PBR

· Lomandra hystrix

· Themeda triandra

· Carex appressa

· Ficinia nodosa

· Poa labillardieri

· Hardenbergia violacea

· Hibbertia scandens

· Imperata cylindrica

· Kennedia rubicunda